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VarTracker - Genetic Variant Tracker

cridVarTracker is an online tool for searching multiple public genetic variant databases, displaying genetic variant information merged from a variety of sources. The end-user can search for variants of interest based on a RefSeq ID or Gene, and a cDNA change, and the tool will search and extract data from a variety of public databases, such as ClinVar, NCBI Gene, UniProt, dbSNP, NCBI Books, PubMed, MalaCard, MyVariant, gnomAD, ExAC, Mutalyze and ENSEMBL.

Recent News

Apr 24, 2024 CLIRINX & CRID feature in new major SCN2A-related publication.

Mar 20, 2024 CRID 'Clinical Research ID' hits 4000 CRID identifiers!