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CRID - Clinical Research ID

cridThe Clinical Research ID (aka The CRID™) is a service that enables patients and parents (and their child/children) involved in clinical research studies the opportunity to create their own unique universal patient identifier to be used in clinical research. This CRID identifier can be used across multiple clinical research studies and will allow researchers share your clinical data (not PII/PHI) with other research studies you are involved in. Researchers can validate a CRID to make sure it's valid, and external research IT systems access features through a RESTful API interface. The main benefit is that more of your research data can be shared between researchers and data silos can be eliminated.

Website: TheCRID.org


Recent News

Apr 24, 2024 CLIRINX & CRID feature in new major SCN2A-related publication.

Mar 20, 2024 CRID 'Clinical Research ID' hits 4000 CRID identifiers!