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Our award winning medical research software enables internet-based medical research and team science to accelerate discovery of new cures and treatments. The CLIRINX software is available free-of-charge (no license or monthly usage fees) for academic medical centers and non-profits. Our business model is very simple -- We manage all the IT for your research study.

The software allows you to manage and collect medical research data using a sophisticated, web-based system. It consists of a medical research management system (CTMS), a CRF/Form Designer for electronic data collection (EDC), a patient registry, and an electronic patient portal (ePRO), which includes an electronic Patient Diary.

Our software and services will minimize your study start-up time and suit your budget. The system is easy-to-use and rich in features, and without the high costs or limited features of other vendors' systems.


IT for Better Research Data

Electronic Data Collection

CX Expert
Expert System (AI)

CX Know
Knowledge Base (AI)

CX Variant
Genetic Variant Curation

CX Consult
Research IT Consultancy

CX Project
IT Project Management

Electronic Data Collection for Clinical Research

The CLIRINX platform has been designed specifically for medical research conducted at academic institutions. Patient enrolment and data collection use sophisticated web-based forms. Specimens can be tracked and patient files can be uploaded. Patients enrolled on the study can record data too, using scheduled forms and/or a diary. Details of telephone/email contacts with patients can be logged. Study tools include reporting, study dashboard, forms designer, data verification/queries, surveys, workflows, document library and much more. Security and privacy measures include secure login, role-based access, SSL encryption, data edit history and an audit log. Data can be extracted in a variety of formats. A separate data warehouse can be queried using business intelligence and reporting tools. The API can be used to extract data using 3rd party applications. We are confident that the CLIRINX system has all the essential features you'd need to support your research studies.

AI for Clinical Research

CLIRINX is one of the very few IT companies in medical research that provides sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for clinical research. CX Expert can be used to help with decision-making and solve complex problems in medical research. Expert systems are computer applications that combine software and specialized information to imitate expert human reasoning and advice. As a branch of AI, expert systems can provide discipline-specific advice and explanation to their users. We also have a knowledge base (KB) editor, CX Knowledge, that allows you to define and store complex structured and unstructured information about a specific area of knowledge, called a knowledge domain. Whereas the expert system defines knowledge in terms of if-then rules, the knowledge base editor provides a curation tool where knowledge can be defined in terms of a hierarchy, attributes and facts.

Used by Researchers at:

Baylor College of Medicine Rett Syndrome Research Trust Lurie Childrens Alberta Health Services Dravet Foundation Mayo Clinic Northwesteren University UCSF Seattle Childrens Boston Childrens Colorado Childrens Miami Childrens


Latest News

April 26th 2017    CLIRINX nominated as finalist in Bank of Ireland Startup Awards 2017

Bank of Ireland Startup Awards

CLIRINX has been selected as a finalist in the Bank of Ireland Startup Awards 2017 in the category "Healthcare Startup". These awards are Ireland’s premier awards program for early stage Irish businesses, and recognise and reward the spirit of entrepreneurship in Ireland. The winners will be announced on May 18th. This year has been a fantastic year for CLIRINX, and this award nomination gives further recognition to our commitment to help bring the best IT solutions to the medical research community. [link]

Mar 24th 2017   CLIRINX involved in Pediatric Neurology publication: "Optimizing the Diagnosis and Management of Dravet Syndrome"

Dravet Syndrome

CLIRINX is proud to announce that it was involved in the medical publication "Optimizing the Diagnosis and Management of Dravet Syndrome: Recommendations From a North American Consensus Panel", which was published in Pediatric Neurology 68 (2017) 18-34. The objectives of this study were to establish standards for early, cost-effective, and accurate diagnosis; optimal therapies for seizures; and recommendations for evaluation and management of comorbidities for children and adults with Dravet syndrome. This study used CLIRINX for electronic data collection.

Mar 15th 2017   CLIRINX launches a new Artificial Intelligence product for Medical Research

CLIRINX launches a new Artificial Intelligence product for Medical Research

CLIRINX has added a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) product to its Clinical Research IT software suite. The Expert System, named "CX Expert" can be used to help with decision-making and solve complex problems in medical research. It consists of an inference engine and can support multiple user-defined knowledge bases. The inference engine uses backward chaining (depth first) methods and accommodates fuzzy logic and formulas in IF conditions. CLIRINX is the only medical research EDC system that incorporates an expert system. Some examples of its current uses include "determining the patient's seizure type", "patient eligibility" and "managing adverse events".

Protecting your Data

The CLIRINX system supports compliance efforts with industry standards like 21CFR11 and HIPAA. Measures include SSL (encryption), encryption of data at rest, unique user names and passwords, role based access, full audit log and data change history, version controlled CRFs and study documents, restricted PHI fields, two-factor authentication, IP/geolocation restrictions, SELinux security module, OS level security, servers only accessible behind firewall or SSH with private key encryption, and much more…No other medical research system provides this array of security features.

Our Experience

We have provided IT leadership and vision for some of the largest medical research projects undertaken in the USA. We have worked with PIs at 30+ top-tier medical institutions in the USA, like the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), New York University (NYU), the Mayo Clinic, Boston Children's, Cleveland Clinic and Columbia University. It is this unique experience CLIRINX brings to your research studies. These studies include the Epilepsy Phenome/Genome Project, the Human Epilepsy Project and Epi4K. These are global, multi-site research studies that relied on sophisticated web-based IT systems to facilitate electronic data capture, data integration and analytics. We understand the IT challenges facing medical research today, and CLIRINX delivers the most sophisticated and economical systems to significantly improve data quality and reduce IT costs.


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